Is Wednesday Appropriate for Kids?

By Jessica Jackson
January 25, 2023
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If they haven't already, your kids will probably soon come across some mention on TikTok or YouTube about Wednesday, the Netflix smash hit series based on the Addams Family’s teenage daughter and her life at Nevermore Academy, a creepy boarding school for all manner of misfits and outcasts (werewolves and gorgons included). The show can best be described as a supernatural teen murder mystery, with Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, as a goth Nancy Drew. 

Even though the series is centered around teens, parents may be wondering if the show is appropriate for children. The short answer? It depends. Some kids might be just fine with it while others might find it too disturbing.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding if Wednesday is right for your family. 

Wednesday Age Rating

Wednesday is rated TV-14 for violence, fear, and profanity, which means it may not be suitable for children under 14 years old. 

Keep in mind that age ratings are simply suggestions — your child might be able to handle the show before age 14, or you may have a child older than 14 who finds it too scary. That’s where your discretion as a parent comes in. 

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Language in Wednesday

There is some profanity in the show. While there are no F-bombs, other four-letter words like sh*t and b*tch do crop up.  

If you’re a household that doesn’t mind a few swear words in the media you consume, this won’t be an issue. Some research has shown that exposing kids to curse words isn’t a bad thing—it can be a discussion-starter on when it’s appropriate to use strong language. 

In the first episode of season one, Wednesday’s “pet” hand, named Thing, does give her love interest the middle finger, a gesture you might need to explain to younger children.

If your kids are still at an age when they might use a swear word inappropriately and you want to keep their exposure to foul language to a minimum, Wednesday might not yet be right for your family.

Is There Sex and Nudity in Wednesday?

Most of the characters in Wednesday are in high school so you can expect standard teen romance fare, including crushes and a few kissing scenes. There is no sex or nudity in any episodes. 

Wednesday’s parents get a little, ahem, overly affectionate with each other from time to time, much to their daughter’s annoyance, but they remain fully clothed at all times. 

Is There Violence in Wednesday?

There are a number of scary and violent scenes in the show. Wednesday is trying to solve the mystery of a monster who savagely kills people in the woods, so expect a fair amount of blood and gore throughout, including severed heads, arms, and legs. 

The monster itself is terrifying, with a hunched back, long sharp claws, fangs, and huge, saucer eyes. 

Wednesday is also obsessed with the macabre and speaks often about death and dying. At one point, she hides from the authorities in a refrigerated drawer in a morgue.   

Final Thoughts

Any time your child asks to watch a new show, it’s generally a good idea to investigate it yourself first. That way, you can make an informed decision about what’s suitable for them. Parents need to be aware that shows, just like other online material, can expose your child to  content they may not be ready to handle on their own. 

BrightCanary can help you supervise your child online. The app’s advanced technology scans your child’s activity and messages, alerting you when they encounter something concerning. While BrightCanary doesn’t yet cover streaming services like Netflix, the app provides the most coverage across Apple devices and online platforms where children are most at risk. Download the app and get a free trial today.

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