Keep your child safe and on track with BrightCanary monitoring

BrightCanary's advanced technology monitors your child on:
YouTube, Google, text message, Instagram, and TikTok
BrightCanary's advanced technology monitors your child on: YouTube, Google, text message, Instagram, and TikTok
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  • The app monitors for adult images in messages and any concerning content in search, without me having to look through my son’s phone. Which has helped me find the right balance between trust and safety. Highly recommend it!
    - Linda, Tulsa mom
  • A 13 year old from a nearby middle school died in his bedroom after taking what he thought was a muscle relaxant. It turned out to be laced and he ordered it like a pizza through a social media app. Parents, we need to supervise. This app is the best one I’ve found to do that. And it monitors DMs.
    - Donna, Los Angeles mom
  • With an 11-year-old, online safety has to be a priority. Some of what comes to them through social feeds is shocking — drugs and adult content. The app’s AI makes it easy to supervise, without having to take his phone or hover, and it covers risky places like messaging that need monitoring.
    - Mike, Jacksonville dad
BrightCanary scans your child’s searches, views, and messages and alerts you to:
Give your child digital training wheels with BrightCanary’s parental control app
Monitor your child’s safety with BrightCanary’s iPhone parental controls and social media monitoring on platforms like YouTube, Google, TikTok, and Instagram. Our app alerts, comprehensive reports, and guidance for conversations with your child about online safety, help you protect your family from online risks.
How BrightCanary compares on Apple devices
*Bark and Qustodio text message monitoring require setup on a home computer and WiFi connection, making it ineffective when WiFi is turned off or your child is away from home.
A new approach to online safety

Internet safety is like learning to drive. We don’t just hand our kids the keys and hope for the best — it’s our responsibility to guide them through their early years online. As parents of tweens and teens, we struggled to find tools that worked properly on Apple devices. That’s why we built BrightCanary, a next-generation parental monitoring tool that lets you decide the level of monitoring that’s right for your child. You can choose more direct supervision for young kids, and as they mature, our advanced AI can alert you if they encounter something concerning. Hear more about our story.

Did you know?
Of teens experience online abuse.
Say they’ve received explicit images they didn’t ask for.
We have fallen short when it comes to taking care of kids with regard to social media and safeguarding them against harms. We’ve got to close that gap.
— Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General
Percentage of girls who report seeing suicide-related content on Instagram at least monthly.
How BrightCanary works
We know that no one cares more about your child than you do. BrightCanary was built by parents to help keep children safe from constantly evolving online risks.
Easy to use
You’ll see your child’s texts and online activity on your phone, without needing to check their devices. Just add your child’s accounts to BrightCanary to get started.
Stay connected
With BrightCanary, you can monitor your child’s Google searches, YouTube history, social media activity, and text messages, across all their devices, and all in one place.
Get content alerts
We’ll let you know if your child encounters alcohol and drug references, bullying, offensive content, and more — so you can talk about it together.
Take a look inside the app
Streamlined Setup
Our parental control app is quick and easy to set up. BrightCanary solely runs on your device, where your child can’t delete it. Just connect your child’s accounts, and you’ll be able to start supervising texts and social media monitoring in minutes.
Free for teachers

We have a scholarship program that makes the app available to those who need it, including teachers, who are on the front lines of the worst child mental health crisis in recorded history.

If you're a school teacher, counselor, or mental health professional, or can’t afford a membership, drop us an email at and we’ll provide you with a year's free subscription.

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Start protecting your child online with BrightCanary
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BrightCanary’s advanced technology monitors your child’s online activity, alerting you to concerning content, cyberbullying, or inappropriate messaging on social media. Securely manage your child’s digital passwords with the app’s password locker.

Need help with a Google/YouTube account for your child? Find our easy set up guide here.

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