Instantly understand what your kids are doing on Google, YouTube, and social media

BrightCanary puts you in control by making it simple for you to know when your kids are engaging in inappropriate content online, so you can talk to them about it.

BrightCanary App
Easy to install and use

BrightCanary runs on your phone, not your kids’ devices. You connect your kids' Google or social accounts and we’ll take care of the rest — tracking what they’re watching and posting, and alerting you when you need to get involved.

Protects your children — and your time

Our advanced AI filters through and synthesizes your kids' searches, DMs, videos and comments to determine if they're consuming something you need to talk with them about — like violence, racism, alcohol, and self-harm — so you don't have to review it all yourself.

Helps you stay connected

Improve conversations with your kids by getting visibility into the content and people influencing their opinions, so you can speak their language when you need to discuss an important topic.

The average teen watches over
200 videos/week online. BrightCanary supports the most popular social platforms, enabling you to communicate with your kids about what they’re watching.

BrightCanary is private

Your children’s social account login information and personal data never leaves your phone. The BrightCanary app connects to the social media services you’ve configured (like YouTube and TikTok) right from your phone and retrieves the lists of content they’ve watched.

Then the lists are anonymized and sent to our servers (without any identifying information about you or your kids) so our AI can scan for questionable content to alert you about.

BrightCanary is private

What parents are saying about BrightCanary

"I was hesitant about monitoring my son's TikTok account because I don't want him to think I don't trust him, but your service flagged some dangerous videos he was watching and we had a good conversation."
— Ronny, father of 2

"My daughter has always used my YouTube account, but I finally felt it was safe to give her her own account when I started using BrightCanary. It's a great way to give her the independence she wants, but with safeguards.”
— Regina, mom of 1

"I love how easy BrightCanary is to use, and it lets me keep an eye on what my kids are searching for on Google even when they're at their father's house.”
— Autumn, mother of 4

Keep an open dialogue with your children

When our kids were younger, it was easy to keep close control of what they were watching. Preteens and teens want independence, but parents need to combine that with an open line of communication. BrightCanary helps by giving you awareness when your kids need guidance and parenting.

Works great with
Apple’s and Google’s tools

iOS ScreenTime and Android Family Link do a great job of setting limits on which apps kids can use and for how long. BrightCanary helps you understand what they’re seeing on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Works great with Apple's and Google's tools