About BrightCanary

BrightCanary is a Seattle-based startup launched in 2022 to empower parents
to protect and connect with their kids.

Many parents take an all-or-nothing approach when their kids are old enough to start using the internet. Some parents prevent their kids from using phones and tablets entirely until they’re older. Others let their kids go online without any restrictions. 

We believe there's a middle path. Teaching your kids how to use the internet safely and responsibly goes beyond just blocking them from accessing certain sites or apps. The same way that you wouldn't have your kids go from being passengers in a car to driving it, we believe there's a period of time where parents should be actively engaged in helping their kids navigate the content and people they engage with on Google, YouTube and social media. 

BrightCanary on the continuum

This starts with giving parents visibility and insight into what their kids are doing online. Kids are spending, on average, 5.5 hours a day on digital devices — and most parents don’t know what their kids are encountering during this time. 

Enter the BrightCanary app. Our app keeps parents informed of the content kids are consuming online and the people they’re chatting with, all in one easy-to-use dashboard. We use natural language processing and machine learning models (that’s AI!) to give parents a snapshot of their kids’ daily digital habits, and we flag any concerning content so families can chat about important topics together — before they become a problem.  

Unlike the other solutions currently available, BrightCanary is only installed on the parent's phone. No other software or apps are required on any other devices (not even your child’s).

We also offer the latest parenting advice, resources, and news in our Resources section. We’re social, too: follow us on your favorite social media platforms to stay updated. 

Karl Stillner
Father of 2
CEO and Co-founder
Steve Dossick
Father of 2
CTO and Co-founder
Sarah Warn
Aunt of 7
VP of Growth

Easy to install and use

BrightCanary runs on your phone, not your kids’ devices. 
You connect your kids' Google or social accounts and we’ll take care of the rest — tracking what they’re watching and posting, and alerting you when you need to get involved.

Protects your children — and your time

Our advanced AI filters through and synthesizes your kids' searches, DMs, videos and comments to determine if they're consuming something you need to talk with them about — like violence, racism, alcohol, and self-harm — so you don't have to review it all yourself.

Helps you stay connected

Improve conversations with your kids by getting visibility into the content and people influencing their opinions, so you can speak their language when you need to discuss an important topic.