What Do Your Kids Know About Prince Harry and Meghan?

By Jessica Jackson
February 6, 2023

Another day, another news article about Harry and Meghan, the British prince and his American actress wife who famously stepped back from their royal duties to start afresh in California. 

girl looking at phone with icons indicating she is consuming content about the British royal family

In their Netflix docu-series Harry & Meghan, the pair claim racist attacks by the British press are what drove them away from royal life. In a widely-televised interview with Oprah, Meghan alleged a senior royal made comments about her unborn child's skin color. She said she had also asked for mental health support, and the royal establishment refused. 

If your children are on social media, there’s a good chance they’ve seen something about Harry and Meghan. Here are some topics that might come up, and how to approach them. 

Why Are Kids Talking About Harry and Meghan Now? 

The couple’s six-part docuseries, released in December, became the biggest documentary debut ever for Netflix. In January, Harry published Spare, his blockbuster memoir about growing up as a royal and the trajectory of his and Meghan’s relationship. 

Harry and Meghan’s revelations about her treatment by the press and the royal family raises a number of issues, including the challenges of being in such a high-profile relationship and the difficulties of confronting racism within a historical institution. It also touches on the need for better mental health awareness. 

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How to Talk about Harry and Meghan With Your Kids

Your child has likely heard talk about Harry and Meghan on social media, and they may have questions around issues such as mental health, racism, and media bias. Here are ways to broach these topics with your child.

Mental Health

  • This is a good time to remind your child that everyone struggles sometimes, and there’s no shame in asking for mental health support. Talk about how Meghan recognized that she was having a rough time, asked for help, and was denied treatment. So, her husband stepped in and took extreme measures to keep her healthy. 
  • Just like you’d get a cast for a broken bone, you might need treatment for mental health. 
  • Teach your child how to recognize the signs of depression and anxiety, and to talk to you if they experience symptoms. Let them know that there’s no worry that’s too small or too big — they are free to come to you with anything on their minds. 


  • Harry and Meghan’s story can encourage conversations around being mindful about the way you treat others and how to approach people who aren’t the same as you. 
  • You might use this opportunity to discuss overt racism, along with the concept of microaggressions which are sometimes harder to pick up on. 

Media and Bias

  • Harry and Meghan have openly discussed their own experiences and compared them to what the British media has reported. Those stories are not always the same.
  • Their experiences can be a jumping-off point for discussing not believing everything you see online, on TV, or in print, and you might explain that there are multiple sides to every story. 

Whether or not you are on “Team Harry and Meghan,” the couple’s struggles in the public eye are a great conversation starter about important topics affecting kids today.

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