You don't have to let your kids figure out the Internet on their own

BrightCanary empowers you to guide and protect your kids when they're using YouTube, Google, TikTok, or Instagram. Get instant alerts, ongoing reports, and tailored advice to talk to your kids about difficult topics they encounter.
What are your kids up to online?
Easy to install and use

Easy to install and use

BrightCanary runs on your phone, not your kids’ devices. You connect your kids' Google or social accounts and we’ll take care of the rest — tracking what they’re watching and posting, and alerting you when you need to get involved. Kids don't have their own Google/YouTube account yet? We'll help you create one.
Protects your children — and your time

Protects your children
— and your time

Our advanced AI filters through your kids’ online activity, searching for content like violence, racism, alcohol, and self-harm. We’ll alert you if there’s something you need to talk with them about. Plus, you can safely and securely store your child’s passwords directly in our app.

Helps you stay connected

Helps you stay connected

Improve conversations with your kids by learning about the content and people influencing their opinions. Our AI chatbot Ask the Canary gives you instant advice to talk to your child about anything from violent videos to cyberbullying.

How does

1. Sign up for a free trial
2. Add your child and connect their digital accounts
3. Check their activity summaries periodically, review content alerts as needed, and use our anonymous AI chatbot Ask the Canary for advice on how to talk to your kids about specific digital parenting topics.

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What parents are saying about BrightCanary

My daughter has always used my YouTube account, but I finally felt it was safe to give her her own account when I started using BrightCanary. It's a great way to give her the independence she wants, but with safeguards."
Regina, mom of 1
I was hesitant about monitoring my son's TikTok account because I don't want him to think I don't trust him, but your service flagged some dangerous videos he was watching and we had a good conversation."
Ronny, dad of 2
This app has helped me start conversations with my child about their online activity and taught us both about online responsibility."
Shively, mom of 2

BrightCanary in the news

The average teen
watches over
200 videos/week
online. BrightCanary supports the most popular social platforms, enabling you to communicate with your kids about what they're watching.

BrightCanary is private

The BrightCanary app connects to the social media services you’ve configured (like YouTube and TikTok) right from your phone and retrieves the lists of content they’ve watched. Our data is encrypted to secure your privacy.

BrightCanary's parental controls also allow you to manage all of your child’s passwords in one place with our Password Vault, available in the BrightCanary app. We use military-grade encryption to protect your personal information. That’s much safer (and more secure) than a scrap of paper.

Keep an open dialogue with your children

When our kids were younger, it was easy to keep close control of what they were watching. Children and preteens want independence, but parents need to combine that with an open line of communication. BrightCanary helps by giving you awareness when your kids need guidance and parenting.

Get tips for talking to your kids about difficult topics in our Resources section

Works great with
Apple’s and Google’s tools

iOS ScreenTime and Android Family Link do a great job of setting limits on which apps kids can use and for how long. BrightCanary helps you understand what they’re seeing on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
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Qualify for a scholarship for free access

We want all parents to be able to use BrightCanary, no matter their financial situation.

If you truly can't afford a membership, we've got your back! Drop us an email at and we'll set you up with a free subscription.
BrightCanary is a Seattle-based startup launched in 2022 to empower parents to protect and connect with their kids.
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Father of 2
CEO and Co-founder
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Father of 2
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