Is Roblox Rainbow Friends Safe for Kids?

By Andrea Nelson
December 5, 2023
Child playing Roblox Rainbow Friends

Roblox, a popular gaming platform, is known for captivating millions of kids with its engaging user-generated experiences. One Roblox game which has garnered particular attention of late is Rainbow Friends. But not all of the attention has been positive, leaving many parents questioning: Is Rainbow Friends for kids? Or should I steer my kiddo away from this one?

At BrightCanary, we believe that information is key to making smart digital parenting choices. Use our Roblox Rainbow Friends review to decide if this game is appropriate for your child.

What is Rainbow Friends on Roblox?

In Rainbow Friends, players assume the roles of kids on a seemingly innocent field trip. However, upon arrival, they find themselves trapped in an abandoned amusement park. To survive, they must complete various tasks, all while evading the colorful yet eerie creatures that hunt them.

Rainbow Friends age rating

Roblox lists Rainbow Friends as appropriate for all ages with mild, occasional violence. But this age designation may not be accurate, and people online have shared that a higher age rating is more appropriate. Our advice is that parents should exercise caution, especially for younger children. 

While it’s true that the violence is both minimal and tame, Rainbow Friends is a horror game. The premise of a would-be joyful environment turned into a nightmare factory, combined with ominous music and a foreboding storyline, are clearly designed to be quite creepy. 

Older kids are unlikely to be fazed, especially given the cartoonish nature of Roblox graphics, but younger children and those who are more sensitive may find themselves scared. Parents are advised to use their discretion and preview the game before deciding if it’s appropriate for their child. 

Language in Rainbow Friends

There is no explicit language in Rainbow Friends. However, due to Roblox’s open-chat feature, it is possible your child might encounter inappropriate language from other users. 

If this is a concern for you, check out our Roblox Parent’s Guide for information on how to lock down your child’s account and turn off chat. 

Is there sex and nudity in Rainbow Friends?

Rainbow Friends doesn’t contain any nudity or sex. If that’s the primary concern for you when evaluating content for your child, you can rest easy. 

Is there violence in Rainbow Friends?

For all its creepy atmosphere and sinister-looking creatures sneaking about promising danger around every corner, Rainbow Friends is quite light on actual violence. There isn’t really any blood and gore, and any violence is mostly suggested. 

When a player is “found” by the monsters, they’re simply snatched away offscreen. Their username then appears with an X over it, which could be interpreted as the player being dead. But this is subject to interpretation and could easily go over the heads of younger kids.  

Final thoughts 

So, is Rainbow Friends for kids? Roblox Rainbow Friends is a horror game with a premise and characters that some children may find frightening. However, it doesn’t contain any graphic violence. Older kids and children who are less sensitive aren’t likely to be affected. Consider sitting with your child the first time they play the game and check in with them to make sure they’re handling it well. 

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