Digital Device Contract Template

Customize it for your family to set expectations and boundaries around computer, phone and tablet use

As parents of tweens and teens, it's important to ensure our kids are staying safe online. One helpful tool is a digital contract that outlines expectations for both the parent and child when it comes to using devices like computers, smartphones and tablets. It covers topics like the hours and locations devices can be used, what information will be shared with parents, and what actions on the device are allowed.

A digital device contract is a great way to start an open dialogue about how our children should interact in the ever-changing world of social media and other online platforms. It also helps set clear boundaries on what is acceptable behavior while providing guidelines for appropriate use of technology.

To help you create this contract with your kids, we've created an editable Digital Device Template in both Word and Google Doc versions — click the button associated with the version you prefer, and then customize the doc as needed.

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