8 Celebrity Parents Embracing Smart Digital Parenting Techniques

By Andrea Nelson
December 7, 2023
Parent taking a photo of child

There’s no shortage of celebrity parents sharing the cute pictures and adorable antics of their offspring online. But this group of eight famous moms and dads stands out for their especially mindful approach to digital parenting. Their strategies range from rules about posting their children's images to deciding if and when their kids can access the internet

Chrissy Teigen

As parents, we often spend a lot of effort monitoring our kid’s digital lives, but it’s also important to be considerate of our own online choices. Our kids are watching, after all. It’s this intentional approach to parenting and social media that we love most about Chrissy Teigen. 

Once dubbed the “Queen of Social Media,” Teigen is known for being especially personal with what she shares. But for all her openness online, Teigen refuses to post anything about her kids that might embarrass them one day. We love when parents are respectful of their children’s digital footprint. 

Kate Winslet

In recent years, Kate Winslet has become a fierce advocate for stricter enforcement of social media age limits. Winslet cites the impact of social media on children’s mental health as she calls for the government to step in and make platforms increase their security checks to ensure kids aren’t skirting the rules on age. 

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner understands the pressure to let kids use social media — especially when their friends are all online. But she’s made the intentional decision not to let her kids open accounts just yet. She talks openly about the pressures kids face on social media (even when they don’t have famous parents) and how she wants to insulate her kids from that for the time being. We might not all make the same decision as Garner, but we can all appreciate the importance of thoughtfully considering our digital parenting decisions. 

Victoria Beckham

Celebrities: they’re just like us. Well … Victoria Beckham may exist on a different plane than the rest of us mere mortals, but she definitely relates to being terrified of her kids joining social media. And, in an effort we particularly appreciate, she and husband David Beckham monitor every post their son Brooklyn makes now that he’s joined the ranks of the digitally connected. 

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds understands the importance of setting screen-free times at home. He shuts down all devices at three specific times each day in order to be fully present with his kids and his wife, Blake Lively. We love the way this not only fosters connections, but also sets a great example for kids. Way to go, Dad! 

Kristen Bell

We love so many things about the way Kristen Bell parents in the digital age, including her and her husband Dax Shepard’s decision to not post their kids' faces on their own very public social media accounts. But it was her recent sharing of this post on her Instagram stories that really got us thinking. She used the share to encourage parents to look their children in the eyes and show them that “they deserve more respect and dignity than a fancy metal box.” Oof. That one really hits home. 

Alanis Morisette

Alanis Morisette uses her platform to encourage her audience to develop greater connections, including speaking on panels about conscious communication in the digital age. But it was the video for her song, “Ablaze,” featuring distinctly analog moments of family connection and a message about supporting our kids to be the best versions of themselves that had everyone on the BrightCanary team tearing up — some of us (who me?) multiple times. 


When it comes to striking a balance with kids and technology, Gisele really gets it. While she acknowledges that technology can bring about connection, she also cautions that it should be used in moderation. It’s because of this that she limits her childrens’ iPad time and encourages them to get outside instead. She also has a strict no gadgets at the dinner table rule. "This is a time we use to reconnect and catch up about our day," Gisele said in an interview with Marie Claire.

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