BrightCanary Now Free for School Teachers, Counselors, and Mental Health Professionals

By Karl Stillner
June 17, 2024
Teacher in the middle of a classroom

Mental health among today’s youth is at its worst in recorded history, and educators and counselors are on the front lines. Despite their critical role in guiding future generations, these professionals are often under-resourced, overworked, and undercompensated. To show our appreciation and support, we’re proud to make BrightCanary free for school teachers, counselors, and mental health professionals for a full year

The impact of unregulated access to technology and social media is evident in every aspect of kids' lives, from their interactions with friends to their behavior in the classroom. The statistics are alarming:

  • 41% of girls report seeing suicide-related content on Instagram at least monthly 
  • Over 50% of kids 7–12 have been exposed to explicit material online
  • There is a reported 118% increase in hospital visits for self-harm among kids 10–14

Steve Dossick and I founded BrightCanary because parents lack the technology solutions needed to support their kids in the digital age. We’re parents of tweens and teens. We recognize that school teachers and counselors see what our kids are going through daily, and many of them have kids of their own. We want to support them for as long as we’re able to do so.

Since our launch, BrightCanary has offered free annual subscriptions to any parent in need of financial assistance. If you’re a school teacher, counselor, mental health professional, or simply cannot afford a membership, send us an email at, and we’ll provide you with a free year’s subscription.

BrightCanary is designed to help parents guide, protect, and support their kids online. By making our app free for teachers and those in need, we aim to extend our support to the broader community, helping to create a safer and healthier digital environment for all kids.

We believe that by working together and providing the right tools, we can make a difference in the lives of our children. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

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